It couldn't be simpler, our single item cover could start from as little as £1.20 per month, (if you take out a complete package) you could have just one item covered or have complete piece of mind for all your appliances, including your TV's, computer consoles and tablets.

Or take advantage of our great packages:



Kitchen Package


1) one Fridge, Freezer or a Fridge Freezer combination appliance

2) one cooker or one oven and hob combination appliance

3) one washing machine, one dryer or one washer dryer combination appliance

4) one dishwasher

5) one microwave


£19.99 PER MONTH



Audio & Visual Package


Pick up to 5 Audio / Visual appliances

Satellite box, Plasma Tv, LCD Tv, HDTV, 3D TV, Smart Tv, DVD, Blu-Ray player.


£19.99 PER MONTH





Kitchen & Audio / Visual Package


Both packages as above, combined into one


£29.99 PER MONTH






Computer Package


Includes combined Kitchen & Audio/Visual package and 3 computer items


£39.99 PER MONTH




Console Package


Includes the computer package plus 3 gaming consoles


£49.99 PER MONTH






A single item can be covered for £7.50, Any extra items can be added for an additional £5.00 per appliance.